Aaron Benjamin Miles

Born October 15, 1969 in Manhattan French Hospital NYC. A life long resident of Brooklyn NY from a single parent household raised by his loving mother the late Ms. Bonnie Mae Miles with his younger brother David.

Being raised on public assistance, the family struggled to make ends meet. But with a large extended family with southern roots, there was always relatives willing to lend a hand. As a child, Miles had no idea they were poor. With all the festive holidays and family get togethers, picnics and beach outtings Miles' childhood was full of happy memories with his mother, brother, grandmother, aunt's, uncle's and numerous cousins.

In 1976 Miles started elementary school at PS 91 in Brooklyn. Here he had his first encounter with standing up for vulnerable people by defending his asian buddy, Wong, from being bullied. He graduated from there in 1982 and went to Mahelia Jackson, IS 391, and from there he graduated in 1984 and went to George Wingate HS. In high school he rose through the ranks and became an outstanding student making it onto The Deans' List, The Prinipals List as well as an Arista. He was awarded for his outstanding performance and attendance.  He also became very obsessed and active with the physical fitness program, where he competed in competitions and won trophies for the strongest person in the school pound for pound among other fitness awards. Along with that Miles competed in the very popular muscle posing competition at the school where besides other titles and trophies he would win the coveted title of "Mr. Wingate" which he would win three consecutive years in a row. In high school, this along with his outstanding academic record, graduating no. 8 in his graduating class overall, would make Miles among the most popular students in the school. In 1988 Miles matriculated to CSULB, California State University Long Beach. Here he would major in architecture. After his second year at CSULB, in 1990 Miles would return to New York to attend FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology, continuing education program with a major in Fashion Design.

In 1992 Miles dropped out of FIT to pursue his fashion dreams becoming a street vendor in Brooklyn and Harlem. Under the mentorship of a master tailor, Pamela, Miles would hone his skills to eventually establish his internationally known brand, Sir Benni Miles New York. A few wrong decisions would land Miles back at square one, broke and on welfare. Miles, determined not to give up, continued to climb back onto his feet. After the lose of his mother and his grandmother two day apart, Miles eventually decided he has no choice but to be a success. He goes from being a welfare recipient to a WEP worker to eventually passing the NYC employment examination to become a JOS, Job Opportunity Specialist, worker. Now as a JOS employee for the City of New York Miles has been both a client and a worker for NYC HRA. This experience, and many others, has played a role in Miles' Divine inspiration to become the next Mayor Of NYC. He has a vision for NYC which he believes was given to him by his higher calling and he is now committed to executing his vision and achieving his goals, to deliver "The American Dream" to The Good People.

Rise Of The Good People.